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RAKE Visningsrom, Trestykker, Norwegian sustainable design, Trondheim, Bergen School of Architecture, Oslo School of Architecture, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, re-use architecture, reclaimed wood architecture

During the workshop nearly 30 students came together to develop the initial RAKE concept, from the first design stages to its final construction in August. The plot selected for the art gallery project was an undeveloped plot of land in central Trondheim. Through the ‘re-use’ of materials found at a nearby office-building waiting to be demolished, they created a light-infused space with plenty of chraracter.

The structure, a 50-square-meter cube-like form, was constructed from layers of old windows, and the ceiling was created using re-purposed doors. The students were able to integrate the use Stavneblokka – solid pieces of recycled wood – but decided not to integrate it in the final design.

Once the site was finished, local artists and architects were invited in to begin curating new exhibitions within the exciting new space. Now run by artist Charlotte Rostad, RAKE SHowroom opened its second show last week.

+ RAKE Visningsrom

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Via Archdaily

Images courtesy of RAKE Visningsrom (by Marius Waagaard)