Meet the man caring for 4,000 wild parakeets from his home in Chennai, India. Sekar, a humble camera repairman, didn’t set out to become known as the “Birdman” of his town, yet the title developed as people begin to see more and more birds flocking to his home early each morning for their neatly organized feast. Neighbors say watching him feed the birds is “a majestic thing and a spectacular sight,” leaving onlookers in awe of the display.

The ritual began about ten years ago, when a tsunami struck near the area and Sekar noticed a pair of hungry displaced parakeets hanging around his home. What began as a kind gesture toward a few birds in need turned into a part-time job being a caretaker for thousands of birds who visit twice daily for their meals. Sekar estimates that he spends 40 percent of his income on food for the birds, adding “like how people keep parakeets in a cage, now the birds have put me in a cage.”

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His work begins at 4:00 am, when he rises and begins preparing meals for his visitors. After ten years of caring for them he feels very connected with the birds, yet grows weary as he has aged. In addition to feeding thousands of hungry visitors, Sekar also is known to rehabilitate sick and injured birds, making the “Birdman” moniker that much more fitting. It is uncertain how much longer Sekar will be able to keep up his caregiving tradition, yet he can rest assured that his tireless dedication has touched thousands of lives.

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