Green skyscrapers seem to be all the rage these days, and now India is jumping on the bandwagon with FXFowle Architects’ India Tower, currently being built in South Mumbai to house a new Park Hyatt Hotel. According to the designers, India Tower will be the greenest skyscraper in the entire country, boasting rainwater harvesting, green materials, and a possible US LEED Gold rating.

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Strikingly similar to Tianjin’s ‘Pile of Boxes’, the 60 story, 301 meter tower is subdivided into different modules, each slightly rotated to the next. Each module is meant to signal a change in function of the tower, one being a hotel, the next residential units, one next a retail area and so on. In terms of green features, the structure would integrate everything from common-sense green strategies like shaded windows, natural ventilation, and proper site orientation and zoning to green technologies such as rainwater harvesting and eco-friendly materials.

It is a good thing that developers and architects are trying to minimize the resource consumption of skyscrapers. We’ve seen some rather innovative examples in the past, some going as far as designing a building around sustainable features, such a wind turbines, like in the case of Castle House in London. Most of those have been in the United States or Britain, with a few lofty renderings coming from Dubai, so it is great to see interest in sustainable architecture in other parts of the world. The building is expected to be finished by 2010.

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