Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced India will leap forward with an impressive sustainability plan. The country is expected to increase its solar energy fivefold over the course of the next seven years. With a current output of 4.5 gigawatts, the country plans to expand its national solar energy generation to 100 gigawatts by 2022.

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With Modi in power, India’s solar energy generation is expected to rise exponentially. For 2015 alone, Bridge to India anticipates an installation of 2.7 GW before the year is out, while U.S. company SunEdison plans to build a solar equipment factory to produce arrays that will generate up to 10 GW of solar energy. With the goal of 100 GW, Bridge to India projects it will cost India a whopping $100 billion to expand its generation capacity to 100GW, a high-cost investment that will benefit the country in the long run.

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Modi has also made promises to deliver solar energy to the hundreds of millions in the country with no electricity at all, an important plan for the crowded country with a population of 1.25 billion.

If India is successful, it will be among the top five solar markets in the world, joining China, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom. Modi’s declaration reflects a growing global interest in shifting from fossil fuels torenewable energy.

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Photos by Rick Naystatt [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons and by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class James R. Evans [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons