Would you believe a few high school students from Indiana just built a car that’s more fuel efficient than anything on the road today? A group of students from Mater Dei High School in Evansville made a DIY eco-car called Elroy that gets a whopping 849 miles to the gallon. If you’re counting, that’s enough miles to one gallon to travel from New York to Chicago and then some. The students have been rewarded for their astonishing accomplishment in self-built fuel efficiency with the grand prize from a respected automotive project contest.

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The one-person eco-car was built in just 10 months for the AutoZone’s “Show It Off, America” contest held earlier this week in Memphis, Tennessee. A team of students led by parent volunteers scratch built the aluminum tube frame, the four-disk hydraulic brake system, and even the entire carbon fiber body.

The car’s real star, however, is the engine. It’s a 50 cubic centimeter fuel-injected beauty that allows the vehicle to run across 849 miles of open pavement on just one gallon of gas. It’s an impressive number but it’s nowhere close to the most efficient car we’ve seen, a distinction that’s still held by the Canadian 3,587 miles-per-gallon prototype vehicle CT2.0. The High School group walked away from the competition with the grand prize Duralast 392-piece tool cabinet valued at $2,500.

via Green Autoblog and Hybridcars

+ Mater Dei Supermileage Team

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