If you’re looking to revamp your home’s flooring, then Indo Teak’s sustainable flooring is a great green option. The eco-conscious company sources its reclaimed teak for flooring, beams, lumber and decks from salvage sites across Indonesia. All of their products are FSC certified, and a portion of the proceeds from their sales go to provide assistance to communities across Indonesia, helping with nutrition, sanitation and health care issues.

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Indo Teak sources their 100% post consumer recycled teak from historic buildings that are scheduled for demolition- helping to reuse a quality material that would otherwise go to waste. They only take materials from pre-used wood, and never from living trees. In addition, the teak is treated with sustainable adhesives and VOC-free finishes. Even the teak remnants are recycled into their particle flooring and paneling, making them a zero-waste company.

The company is also commited to assisting the social aspect of their business, providing jobs for the laborers in Indonesia. They also give back to the Indonesian community, partnering with SurfAid International, which assists with nutrition, sanitation and health care throughout Indonesia.

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