Shipping containers are sturdy, versatile structures that have traveled the world over the course of their lifespans. The Contertainer is a poly-clinic and public library designed by Indonesian firm, dpavilion architects, that repurposes these adventurous vessels to house books, which serve as “windows” to the world at large. The name for the health clinic and public library is an amalgam of two words: container and entertainer, which reflects its goal of providing a better quality of living for those who have little money.

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The Contertainer is located in Batu, East Jawa, Indonesia, which is a relatively new town with strong roots in agriculture. The widening gap between those who have money in Indonesia and those who do not was the impetus for this playful and colorful project, which is totally free to the public. Inside is a health clinic that provides villagers with health care and a public library for learning, community activities, inspiration, and entertainment.

The center is composed of five shipping containers hoisted up on top of stilts. The Contertainer’s third story setting offers views of the city, the surrounding landscape, and beyond. Shipping containers are easily accessible and cheap in Indonesia, and Dpavilion Architects decided to use them because of their multi-functional properties and ease of construction.

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