Amid the flurry of high-tech wonders on display at this year’s Greener Gadgets Design Competition, Rob Podell’s Indoor Drying Rack boldly proved that green gadgets needn’t rely upon circuit boards and batteries to accomplish their function. One of the stars of the show and this year’s third place winner, the clothes drying rack contains no heavy metals, is constructed entirely out of recycled materials and bamboo, and requires no energy to use.

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Given the current state of our over-glutted consumer culture, sometimes the simplest approaches towards design are the most economically and environmentally salient. Addressing the fact that clothes dryers are the second largest energy consuming appliance in the home, Rob’s Indoor Drying Rack offers a decidedly low-tech alternative to the energy-sucking machines.

The Indoor Drying Rack consists of two panels of spines that are constructed entirely out of bamboo laminate and joined by recycled aluminum hardware. It packs flat to ship and is easily installed on a wall, where the shorter panel gives it added support. Its modular design allows individual spines to flip up and down according to user needs, and when not in use the entire rack folds down, saving valuable floor space.

Perhaps it helped that Rob was on hand at the live judging to vouch for his design, but the drying rack stood out for its simple singularity of purpose – a breath of fresh air amid scores of flashy high tech gadgets.

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