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The oddly shaped Nannup Holiday House is accessible by a long ramp that stretches across the Australian landscape. Hugged by a forest on one side and a flood plain on the other, the area is known for fostering emus, kangaroos and snakes.  The sharply angled layout of the home gives its temporary residents different experiences and interactions with the land, creating both sunny and shaded private areas with its design.

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The unique living area is sprawled out into a single, continuous line that bends and contorts in a snake-like shape. Along the outside of the home is a terrace that wraps around the front of the façade, connecting the various rooms both inside and outside and facing the flood plain. At the back of the home is a shaded terrace which faces the forest. Recycled jarrah wood and rusting steel were used along the exterior to help the home blend in with the flora surrounding it. The stilts which the home is raised on were set in diagonals to emulate the fallen trees in the region.

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The home was designed to mimic the notion of meandering through a forest, bringing its inhabitants along a path from inside to out, into brightness and darkness, while harmonizing with the native Australian landscape.

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