Infinity by Crown is a new multi-residential complex in Sydney that uses pedestrian movement and traffic flow around the building to create a fluid architectural form. Designed by Koichi Takada Architects, the building is located at the gateway of the Green Square Town Center, an area of the city that will promote greener living and make use of planning controls to ensure sustainable growth and development. Keep reading to find out how the building will engage the community, and what makes it more than just another skyscraper.

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The intertwined nature of public and residential space is defined by two loops that, while separate, give the impression of an interconnected building. One activates the public plaza and street below, while another provides essential amenities and open spaces for residents. Interaction between the two loops gives the building its distinctive shape, and makes its an undeniable beacon for the Green Square Town Center.

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The residential loop of the building also supplies the building’s central courtyard, while the public space loops with the sun’s circulation throughout the year. Designed to attract passersby to the public spaces, one of the loops also tilts toward the plaza, which defines and enhances the connection to the public domain. Garden terraces also help to create a smooth transition between the structure and its surroundings. All of these features hint towards the ambitions of Sydney and its master plan to set an example as a lively, connected, and sustainable city.

+ Koichi Takada Architects

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Images by Koichi Takada Architects