German Architecture firm Raumlabor-Berlin has created an incredible inflatable pavilion that will be popping up in parks throughout London this summer as a mobile event space. Dubbed Portavilion, the futuristic-looking bubble building sets up in a snap and can be easily deflated and packed up after each event, saving on the manpower and resources required to erect a standard stage.

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Touring throughout London this summer, the Portavilion will host a number of events including productions by the English National Ballet, the London Festival of Architecture, the Tate Modern and even the Royal Society of Arts. The structure consists of a van, from which an air-filled transparent membrane inflates to create a temporary space. According to the architects, “this translucent bubble can squeeze under bridges, wrap around trees or nestle into corners, providing a nomadic, inside/outside space in which people can perform debate, eat or simply hang out.

The bubbly event space has been nicknamed “Rosy the Ballerina”, and it will be set up in 15 parks and green spaces in London between May and September, with the first show taking place on May 20th in Potters Fields Park. It’s not the first time Raumlabor has experimented with bubbletecture – just last year, their Spacebuster pavilion traveled throughout New York.

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