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The Miami Marine Stadium was originally designed by Hilario Candela, built in 1963, and has since been abandoned and vandalized. The annual DawnTown design competition seeks to come up with innovative design solutions for the downtown Miami area and this year’s project was to brainstorm ways to revitalize the stadium into a recognizable city landmark. PinkCloud.DK’s solution had three design goals: 1. It must be easy to set up and move; 2. In order to convince taxpayers, it must be cheap; and 3. It should attract attention and have a unique identity.

INFLATABLE is composed of a large helium filled disk with a 280 ft span, tied down by six anchor cables. The disc is attached to a floating stage that can be placed anywhere in the marina with flexible configurations for a variety of events and performances. The buoyant disc also provides shade for the stage below. Light tubes built into the disc draw diffused natural daylight to the stage below, while LED lights, which are powered by thin film solar photovoltaic panels integrated onto the top of the inflatable disc, provide additional lighting. This low impact stadium setup is powered by the sun and would surely become a major attraction for Miami residents and visitors.

Via ArchDaily