When you go grocery shopping, chances are that you notice that most (if not all) produce items have labels on them to signify whether they’re organic or not. Well, just like food, personal care products have a variety of different labels that get slapped onto them as well. These labels are meant to inform customers about the fabulousness within said products, but certain terms are often used to obfuscate, rather than clarify. A blanket term such as “botanical” may just mean that a tiny percentage of the ingredients are plant-based, while “natural” can imply that one of the additives came from nature once upon a time… regardless of how much it was altered before being usedin that face scrub you’re holding. This label cheat sheet should help you to navigate your way through the local health food store’s beauty product aisle so you can find just what it is you’re looking for, and feel good about using it.

Via You Beauty

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