Home appliances drain a significant amount of energy – and therefore money. Enervee has built an extensive database of product data to help consumers choose the most energy-efficient appliances and electronics for their homes. Enervee just launched a new infographic that breaks down which appliances are the biggest household energy-sucks, which appliances you should buy and avoid, and how much money you can save over time by buying one product vs. the other. Check out the full graphic after the break!

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Enervee’s real time product energy-efficiency data is centered around a simple but all encompassing efficiency rating called the Enervee Score. The Enervee Score sits alongside other crucial information needed to truly compare products during the buying process: an eco impact estimate, the initial purchase price and an energy cost estimate that can be fully customized based on the users location or average product use time. The Enervee Score is updated daily and seamlessly integrated with the product listing, meaning shoppers can sort and filter products based on comparable features such as specific size, capacity or product cost while shopping.

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