By 2017, it’s expected that 3.6 billion people will be updating Facebook profiles, streaming YouTube videos, looking up quick facts on Wikipedia, and putting things in virtual shopping carts. And something has got to keep the whole system running: namely, electricity. The electricity demand of the United States alone is expected to grow 60% by 2020 as we become more and more reliant on the worldwide web. Therefore, it’s fundamentally important that tech companies are leading the way to finding greener energy sources. Greenpeace recently released a new report, “Clicking Clean: How Companies Are Creating the Green Internet.” Check out the infographic after the break to see how today’s biggest internet companies — from Twitter and Google to Amazon — stack up in terms of energy use

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Some internet companies are what Greenpeace calls “green internet pioneers,” turning from coal, gas, and nuclear power plants to wind and solar power. Others “choose to pioneer their infrastructure based solely on lowest electricity prices, without consideration to the impact their growing electricity footprints have on human health or the environment.”

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