The tool that starving artists everywhere have been waiting for is almost here. The CRONZY pen can write in over 16 million different hues, which makes it much more affordable and convenient than collecting mounds of expensive art supplies. It can even scan objects and capture their exact colors in just a few seconds, allowing artists to translate what they see on paper like never before.

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The CRONZY pen is putting old school, multicolored click-top pens to shame. By linking to the smartphone app, users can click on the color selection they want – or scan a flower, painting, clothing, or any other surface – and start drawing right away. Favorite colors can be saved and shared on social media and the ink can draw on paper, canvas, and even skin.

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Those interested can support the campaign on Indiegogo, which still has two months to hit its goal. The kit comes with five interchangeable tips of various diameters, allowing for even more creativity and personal touch, as well as two ink cartridges and a charger. The team behind CRONZY hopes to start mass production and shipping by spring of 2017.

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