It’s black, it’s white, but it won’t be tough for you to get by with this ingenious light-sensitive OLED clock that automatically shifts colors so that it is readable by day or night. The perfect antidote to boring digital wall clocks, the Black & White Clock can be stuck to any surface and displays the time using energy-efficient Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLED). Depending on whether it is light or dark out, the clock will shift colors so it can be viewed at any time of day.

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The Black & White Clock has no wires and no central controller – each figure can be set independently and keeps accurate time. As the day fades into night, the lights automatically sense the change in daylight and switch to white so you can see them in the dark. When morning comes again, the lights sense daylight and change to black. Without any wires, the figures can be affixed to any surface however you like.

Each of the 4 individual figures that has its own power source and they are touch sensitive, making it easy to change each unit’s mode and time settings. The OLED inside each casing is powered by lithium-ion accumulators, each figure measures 6 cm x 11 cm x 1 cm and is made from translucent white polycarbonate.

Although the clock is currently in conceptual stage, we hope that designer, Vadim Kibardin finds a manufacturer soon and brings this bright idea to light.

+ Vadim Kibardin

Via OhGizmo!