Wouldn’t it be fitting if your nutritious morning smoothie came with a side of exercise? Well it could, if you had this ingenious food processor designed by Christoph Thetford. Called the Kitchen Machine, the electricity-less appliance uses the physical force generated by pedaling a flywheel, and nothing else! And a range of different attachments make it super versatile — whether you need to grind coffee, mix, stir or chop.

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The flywheel goes up to 400 revolutions per minute, and the rotational energy powers the different attachments. The decision to make the various gizmos detachable seems to be a smart one — in fact, Thetford is even contemplating making rotary shaver and toothbrush attachments. As you can see from the photos, there is ample storage room to keep everything hidden away when not in use.

+ Christoph Thetford

Via Lilli Green