German-born lighting designer Ingo Maurer recently revealed a stunning new energy efficient chandelier at Milan Design Week. Dubbed Double C-Future, the super tech-style pendent lamp features nine suspended OLED panels and was realized with help from lighting manufacturer Osram. Maurer isn’t hiding anything with these fixtures – the design celebrates OLED technologies by showcasing the technical components and dispensing with any casings or coverings.

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Ingo Maurer started designing lighting in 1965. By in the early 1990s he began experimenting with LEDs, then later transitioned to working with OLEDs. Organic light emitting diodes are incredibly energy efficient, and their flexibility and light weight makes them great for interior lighting applications. Maurer is showcasing many of his most famous designs in his New York City showroom located in Soho and his new 700 m2 showroom at his Munich headquarters.

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