Ingo Maurer is a German light designer best known for his cute Birdie Lights, but for his latest project, he joined forces with Architects Paper to develop a glowing wallpaper piece. Made from a large electronic circuit board printed on paper, this geometric LED Wallpaper changes its colors from white to blue to red, and you can choose the design it illuminates. Innovative, playful, and eco-friendly, this fantastic design will give lifeless walls a bright new look.

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This 24-inch wide LED Wallpaper is easy to install and needs no expertise hands. It just needs to be connected to the mains and comes with a small control for managing brightness and colors. Its handy adhesive back means that it can easily affix itself to the wall. The best part of all is that customers can create their own design, arranging the 840 LED lights to match their own dreams.

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