Here at Inhabitat, we don’t see a discrepancy between living a good life and being green. We might even venture to say that the “end of luxury” is a challenge for us to re-evaluate our needs in light of the earth’s limited resources. And with Obama’s inauguration rapidly approaching, we are grateful that our nation’s leader is pushing an environmentally conscientious attitude by pledging to support a greener economy.

Is design better off without luxury? The NY Times asks if design and depression are actually good for each other.

And we ponder with Apartment Therapy’s re-nest: Is green luxury an oxymoron?

Speaking of green luxury, Obama’s inauguration is planned to be a green bash — with two, not just one, celebration balls. And one is hosted by friend of the environment, Al Gore.

And Obama’s entry into the Oval Office isn’t the only thing to celebrate: an $825 billion economic stimulus plan unveiled on Thursday “contains billions of dollars in tax breaks for renewable energy.”