We support good (and green!) design because we believe that it changes people’s lives for the better. We usually focus a large portion of our attention on the products and efforts made by architects, designers and artists that increase our comfort and level of eco-consciousness. This week, however, we want to get back to the basics.  Did you know that nearly one billion people do not have access to safe drinking water? Or that a child dies every eight seconds due to diseases caused by contaminated water? With this in mind, we hope you will join us in supporting the cause for clean, safe water for everyone by tweeting and digging for World Water Day!


Worldchanging emphasizes the role the new administration can play in providing a clean water supply for everyone.

Grist discusses the importance in developing and managing the world’s water resources in a responsible manner.

Treehugger offers a day-to-day diary of the happenings at the World Water Forum this week.