Earth Day (April 22) is rapidly approaching and while we know that living an eco-conscious lifestyle should be a a daily habit and not a once-a-year exercise, we are thrilled by the eco-minded buzz on the interweb. We are most excited to hear about local intiatives that are helping cities green their surroundings and engaging their citizens in doing so. Here in New York City, Project Earth Day (check back later for more information!) makes us think twice about how we approach what we wear every day. We are also celebrating Mayor Bloomberg’s MillionTreesNYC campaign. But no matter where you live, we encourage you to check out what efforts are being made in your town.

Yanko Design shares a beautiful student campaign designed by CalArts students called Rethink Your Green that hopes to alter Los Angeles’ less-than-green reputation.

Keetsa tells us that Home Depot will be offering free CFL bulbs this weekend in celebration of Earth Day.

NY Times explore an exhibition entitled “Hanging By a Thread” which features artists who create their work with recycled and found objects.

Treehugger shows us that Santa Monica is on its way to creating edible landscapes through backyards-turned-community gardens.

Core77 reminds us that New Yorkers aren’t all jerks by featuring these adorable “Tweenbots“.