Up here in New York, we’re sloshing our way through a semi-white and wet holiday season, but we love the wintery imagery conjured up by Inhabitat contributing writer Bridgette Steffen‘s alpine gingerbread cabin! Aside from its cozy construction and idyllic setting, the cabin includes some great, eco-friendly building elements like a solar roof and composter. We think this GSC-certified gluten-free cabin deserves some fanfare because its sustainable merits are anything but sugar-coated.

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This beautifully-crafted cabin includes:

+ A bright red roof covered in strawberry fruit-by-the-foot that includes a thin-film photovoltaic system represented by razzly blue blitz fruit-by-the-foot. The solar roof is positioned on the south-facing side and roof overhangs optimize passive solar design.
+ Hot water is accessible via a chocolate solar heating system located on the roof.
+ Snow graces the entire cabin via coconut flakes and delectable frosting.
+ Cinnamon candy rocks give the cabin a sugary foundation that look wonderfully realistic!
+ Locally-sourced stone steps made of organic banana chips lead from the front door to the composter.
+ A composter located in the corner of the house, and we can see that gummi worms are already hard to work!
+ Commuter skis made of gluten-free gingerbread kept outside the front door are used for transportation.

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