Hey NYC readers-

Any of you want to write for Inhabitat? We are currently looking for an awesome new blogger based in the Big Apple to put his or her excellent writing skills to work in improving the world through the power of good design. Interested? Read on…

Inhabitat is looking for a blogger to lead daily editorial coverage at the site, and work on other Inhabitat editorial projects. You’ll need to have a good grasp on the latest developments in green design, architecture, and technology and be able to write about them with clarity, concision, and wit. Being able to work independently and source your own ideas for posts is critical (familiarity with an RSS reader is a must). Photoshop skills are optional, but a big plus (and you’ll need to at least be able to do some basic photo editing).

Regarding the New York City thing – we know we’re going to get a ton of questions/comments about this so let us explain….Inhabitat’s main staff and offices are in NYC, and we are looking for someone to work fulltime or close to fulltime with the NY Inhabitat team in our offices, so the location actually does matter. We have plenty of freelance bloggers around the world already – right now we are looking for a dedicated person who can work 20-40 hours per week on the site and related projects. In exchange you’ll receive competitive blogger compensation, a platform to broadcast your voice to millions of readers, great experiences and networking opportunities in the world of green design, and the potential to become a leading voice in the world of green design.

To apply send an email to inhabitat at gmail.com with a resume, some background about who you are, why you’re interested in the job, and at least two or three stellar writing samples (links are fine).