This past weekend the New York City Parks Department hosted their annual Mulchfest, providing New Yorkers with an easy, eco-friendly way to dispose of their holiday trees. With over 80 chipping or drop-off locations throughout the 5 boroughs, it was super easy for everybody to participate, including Inhabitat (me).

After doing a quick Google search, we found the closest chipping station was only blocks from our door, so we grabbed our lifeless tree from the front stoop and started our journey across Greenpoint Brooklyn towards McCarren Park. As we trekked up Nassau Avenue, we were filled with excitement; “Mulchfest 2010!” we cheered.

Upon arrival we found at the rear end of the park stood a large red truck with a noisy chipping machine attached. The trees were hurled into the open end of the chipper, and you could see a stream of mulch shoot through the air into the bed of the parked vehicle. Bags of free mulch lined the perimeter of the paved pathway, and smiling people carrying trees and trucks loaded with trees from drop-off stations came and went steadily. We stayed for a bit, but after the thrill of watching tree after tree turn from trunk to mulch we were all in need of a Bloody Mary. (we suggest Dumont’s a local favorite featuring down-home organic meals, and great cocktails).

I fully enjoyed participating in this year’s Mulchfest, and think we should all thank the New York City Parks Department for encouraging thousands of New Yorkers to help the environment and their community.

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