If the hunter-gather spirit is something that you can identify with, either as an urban scavenger or a street-savvy recycle-er, the Gypsy Jeweler collection might be your ideal accessory find. Sent to us as a hot tip from an Inhabitat reader in-the-know, Gypsy Jeweler pieces are resourcefully crafted from unique found objects and metal bits reclaimed from construction sites and lots. Eco-punk fashion takes on a new edge in these clever design combos- so for the eco-fashionista who refuses to settle for trends, look no further than a stylish spin on discards alchemized into treasures for adornment.

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Gypsy Jeweler weaves an extensive web of wares with funky necklace pendants, copper-pipe earrings, HVAC-vent metal refashioned into bracelets, and bits and bobs salvaged from the eco scrap pile. Typewriter parts also come to play as dangling elements on a recycled couture necklace. Granted not every girl is looking to sport trashy metallica spun into gold, but if you are really on the hunt for green accessories that will rock the next Green Drinks or even the college campus this fall, Gypsy Jeweler might be an eco-stylish accent piece for dialogues to come.

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