We came, we saw, and we were won-over by the ingenious designs and architectural talent on display at this years Solar Decathlon on the Mall in Washington DC. As if it weren’t enough of a feat to design and build a zero-energy house which is ENTIRELY POWERED BY THE SUN, many of the student teams at this year’s Solar Decathlon went above and beyond the mere zero-energy requirements of the competition to produce architecturally stunning houses that are as beautiful and livable as they are energy efficient.

Looking as if they stepped off the pages of a magazine, Germany’s gorgeous Darmstadt House and Colorado’s eye-catching CORE house prove that zero-energy design is simply not just an engineering or economic feat — but a design accomplishment as well.
Inhabitat has been on hand at the mall in Washington DC to take it all in, and we’ve got tons of news to report and pictures to show. To see our photos of the 2 week long event, click here >

For more photos of the Solar Decathlon, check out our Flickr feed here >