This week, we’re psyched to be reporting live from the ‘Green Room,’ a devoted space within premiere fashion trade show Designers & Agents featuring the hottest emerging eco-collections. Things may have been dreary outside, but this bright, airy green fashion wonderland has been providing us with plenty of eye candy to keep our minds off of the weather. From futuristic shift dresses made from Tyvek to cozy alpaca wool frocks adorned with ruffles, the creative use of materials and masterful craftsmanship of each unique design is a testament to how far sustainable style has evolved from the bland, hempy looks of yore. Read on for a sneak peek gallery of the brightest budding talent in sustainable clothing and accessories!

If any of you are interested in attending D&A, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! So pop over to the west side and explore the hottest emerging green fashion designs.

More information on times and venues is available at the D&A website.

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