New York is home to some of the world’s greatest talents in art and design, but with high prices giving way to hard living, many have fled to more affordable cities abroad. Over the last decade, Berlin has become the haven for creative expatriates looking for a place to explore their ideas. Now on show at Relative Space in SoHo, $H!T HAPPENS In Berlin is an exciting new exhibit, curated by Metropol Parasol architect Juergen Mayer, and principal of Relative Space Tyler Greenberg, that is bringing a bit of the burgeoning creative spirit of Berlin stateside. Our very own Editor-in-chief Jill Feherenbacher recently sat down with the curating duo to talk about the new exhibit. Watch the EXCLUSIVE VIDEO ahead for all the details, and if you’re in NYC be sure to stop by Relative Space for a first-hand look. This exhibit closes Friday, June 3rd!