While putting your toddler in the middle of the forest is probably not the smartest thing in the world, bringing the forest to their room might just do the trick. The Amenity Nursery Collection has just been released, featuring some lovely nature inspired and environmentally friendly products to green your toddler’s crib.

Nicole Chiala and Kristina de Corpo opened the L.A. based Amenity in 2004 to bring their modern, high quality, nature-inspired designs to the broader market. They just released a series of nursery products for you and your little ones to enjoy, all of them made from organic and sustainably sourced fibers.

Their range includes organic cotton based blankets to keep him warm; hemp-based stretched prints for hanging on the wall; recycled plastic bottle fiber filled pillows for them to play with; crib sheets and skirts, bumper covers all made from natural fibers and water-based dyes. For more details on their products see their website. Their products are available now.

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