We are excited to announce that our fabulous New York writer Abigail has recently given birth to two adorable twin boys. In honor of this happy occasion, Inhabitat is going to be researching green design for babies and kids in the next couple weeks, and we are going to be putting together the ultimate guide to sustainable design for kids. We’re going to call this ‘Inhabitots’ (yes we love our bad puns here), so if there are any children in your life, be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Inhabitots will aim to bring you all the best and greenest baby furniture, accessories, and other cuteness. While babies are the ultimate blessing, it’s important for parents to be careful consumers in order to surround your family with the healthiest, cleanest and safest products. And obviously no-one wants to sacrifice style when it comes to kids clothes and furniture either. Fortunately you can have your (eco, allergy-free) cake, and eat it too — with a variety of beautiful new green modern design products for children.

This week and next, check in for daily doses of the best green design for tots, and please wish congratulations to Abigail on her new arrivals!


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