A new log-themed playground at Gainsborough Greens in Pimpama, Australia was designed to delight children as well as fans of sustainable design. Made from various types of naturally beautiful timber species, the sprawling playground was created by recycling 52 tons of disused wood and logs. The 6,000 square meter parkland invites children of all ages to climb upon new tree sculptures, log forts and traditional swing sets made from the fallen timber that was left over from the development of the community.

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The Mirvac planned community was treated to the development of the new parkland, that combines lush rolling hills with old fashioned outdoor fun. Staying with a spirit of sustainability, Mirvac has reused the 52 tons of timber that was cleared to develop the new community, transforming it into a fun, family-friendly park that encourages children to play outdoors, and use their imaginations.

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Much of the timber felled for the development of the area was Bloodwood, a wood that is not commercially viable, meaning it would have been destined to become mulch. Instead, the Bloodwood, along with logs of Spotted Gum and Iron Bark, were used to make great sculptures, structures and supports for swings and climbing gyms for the community’s children.

Instead of traditional metal or plastic playgrounds, the timber playground inspires children at play to fuse make believe with physical activity, boosting creativity in young minds. The gorgeous project not only benefits Gainsborough Greens residents, but is also open to the public for endless play.

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