Watching the news each night can be frustrating and disheartening. With all of the political gridlock, social conflicts, and environmental destruction, it is frightening to imagine what kind of future our children will face. Ten year-old Canadian eco-blogger, Hannah Alper and her inspiring TEDx talk, “How to Find Your Spark” reassures children and adults alike that all is not lost. In order to be the change you wish to see in the world, first you must identify your passion, surround yourself with community support, and take action.

hannah alper, environmental blogger, environmental activist

Hannah started blogging at the age of nine with the intention of speaking out for the environment. As an animal lover, she began to realize how human behavior impacted endangered species and affected their habitats. Citing influences such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Severn Suzuki, and Malala Yousafzai, Alper wrote about what she cared about most. Not limiting herself to just the environment, she also discussed topics related to bullying, fair trade practices, and child labor.

While putting her thoughts out onto the Internet helped her to establish her voice, Alper was determined to use her motivation to bring about concrete change in the real world. Amongst her many accolades, she was the youngest WWF Earth Hour Team Captain in 2013, was an official “on the ground eco-blogger” for the JUNO awards, and was a featured speaker on Free The Children’s We Day across North America. Her TEDx talk in Toronto has garnered over 4,600 views, and continues to bring inspiration to audiences across the world.

When not blogging, Alper can be found organizing shoreline cleanup days, recycling programs, and contributing posts to outlets such as Yahoo worldwide. Her idealism and motivation remind even the most jaded of activists that the fight to preserve the environment and care for all human beings is one worthy of the struggle. Although the road is not easy, following your heart and taking care of one another is what gives life its purpose. Thankfully, the next generation is intelligent, enthusiastic, and ready to take on the fight.

+ Hannah Alper