Garrett Lowry plays hard on the baseball field, but this thoughtful 10 year-old has another, more meditative way of relaxing: he knits hats for children with cancer. Garrett first began knitting the hats as part of a class project, but he quickly became devoted to the cause and decided to set an initial goal of knitting 15 caps to deliver to a local hospital. Crafting the caps, which are made to keep babies’ and kids’ heads comfortable during their hospital stay while they are treated for cancer, became a family affair with Garrett’s mother and grandmother contributing as well. His grandmother was also the person who first taught Garrett how to knit using a loom. Within a few months, Garrett and his homegrown knitting crew had exceeded their goal and made 50 caps in a rainbow of colors to deliver to Children’s Hospital Colorado. Although Garrett’s hobby was somewhat of a secret until recently, and he was unsure of how his teammates would react to the way he spends his downtime, this young man is quickly gaining attention for his knitting skills and for his big heart.

via USA Today

Image © Sheryl Lowry