Bridgette Veneris, a 10 year-old from Melbourne, Australia, certainly knows how to make lemonade out of lemons. After being diagnosed with leukemia last year, Veneris underwent 18 grueling months of chemotherapy. During that time, she noticed her parents and nurses often having difficulty unwrapping adhesive bandages — so she amazingly came up with a simple, sterile, waste-saving invention to more easily dispense adhesive bandages. The device looks like a cross between a tape measure and a tape dispenser and works by rolling out the bandages as needed. The invention makes it easier to dispense individual bandages and also creates less waste since there’s less packaging and presumably fewer twisted, mangled, and rendered unusable bandages that need to be thrown away. The idea was so ingenious that Veneris won the national littleBIGidea competition and a trip to NASA, a destination Veneris has always dreamed of visiting. Since Veneris appears to make the most out of every situation, both good and bad, we hope her NASA visit inspires even more inventive and thoughtful innovations.

via Futurism and ABC

Images via Daily Mail