Spa Baby Eco is the first baby bathtub made from 100% recycled plastic. Unlike traditional baby bathtubs that force your baby to lay on his back in a few inches of quickly chilling water, the Spa Baby Eco allows you to submerge your baby in a natural upright position with warm water all the way to his chest. The tub calms and relaxes your baby by providing a womb-like environment reminiscent of where he spent his very first nine months.

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Designed for easy use, the Spa Baby Eco tub features a clearly marked fill line, a wide stable base to prevent tipping, and flow back handles to keep water in the tub, reducing waste. Each tub comes with a coordinating bath mat that is placed in the bottom of the tub to help keep babies secure. Spa Baby Tub is free of BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead and is a type “5” plastic which is commonly recycled. Spa Baby Eco tubs are recommended for use with newborns and infants up to 10 months of age. Additionally, purchases of the Spa Baby Eco help support UNICEF projects which bring clean drinking water to people worldwide.

+ 100% Recycled Plastic Spa Baby Eco $46.95

+ Spa Baby Eco