According to Reuters, Italian police have placed 12 pediatricians under house arrest for allegedly accepting extravagant gifts from infant formula companies. The gifts, meant to entice the doctors into promoting formula feeding over breastfeeding, included iPhones, Apple computers, air conditioners, televisions, trips to India, the United States, Paris, London and Istanbul and luxury cruises, says Carabinieri police Captain Gennaro Riccardi. Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin said in a statement, “There are no adjectives to describe the gravity of these actions. Doctors went against unanimous scientific opinion and the indications of the health ministry in convincing mothers to use powdered milk formula in place of mother’s milk.”

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While the full scale of the crimes isn’t yet known, it’s already been found that two of the doctors involved in formula promotion were chief pediatricians in hospitals. Additionally, five sales representatives for three different baby formula companies and one executive are also under house arrest. This issue underlines yet another problem related to how the world currently undervalues breastfeeding and the health of mothers and babies. Breastfeeding rates are lagging, and support for breastfeeding moms is hard to come by at best and impossible to find at worst. If you’re a mother who wants to successfully breastfeed, check out the links below.

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+ Source: Reuters

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