Star Wars crafts 2

Image: Mama Papa Bubba

1. Star Wars playdough kit

Mama Papa Bubba has some ingenious ideas for playdough kits—boxed up playdough and assorted extras that can be used to tell a particular story. They’re great for stimulating creative play and can also be gifted to friends. This Star Wars-themed kit uses different colored dough batches to represent different planets in the Star Wars universe. Simple, sweet, easy!

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Star Wars crafts 11

Image: Am I a Funny Girl?

2. Star Wars costumes including Princess Leia headbands

There’s nothing like a bit of dress-up fun to get into the spirit of a movie. These Jedi robes from Am I a Funny Girl? are quick and easy to make, but the Leia headbands are simply genius! And if a little Leia wants a swashbuckling Han Solo by her side, the blog also features a simple yet effective Han costume.

Star Wars crafts 5

Image: Anthony Herrera Designs

3. Star Wars snowflakes

This craft is one for older children with adult supervision and assistance due to the precision cutting, but all children will love the results. Anthony Herrera Designs has five different sets of free downloadable snowflake cut outs featuring characters from all seven Star Wars films.

4. Star Wars yoga

What’s the best antidote to a slothful movie marathon? A bit of a stretch, of course! Cosmic Kids Yoga produces many themed yoga videos for little ones, and the Star Wars episode encourages kids to imagine themselves as a strong and brave Jedi master as they move through warrior pose and hold their make-believe lightsabers high. Cuteness may well ensue!

Star Wars crafts 10

Image: In Lieu of Preschool

5. Wrapping paper roll lightsaber

There are many tutorials for making lightsabers out of swimming pool noodles and so forth, but this wrapping paper roll version from In Lieu of Preschool has two stand out features: firstly, you may already have several cardboard tubes on hand from your festive season wrapping paper, and secondly, this design has a cross bar so it can easily be customized to look like Kylo Ren’s cross-shaped red lightsaber in The Force Awakens.

Star Wars crafts 7

Image: Silly Fun Time

6. Rolling BB8 figure

The droid BB8 provides the cute factor in The Force AwakensSilly Fun Time‘s tutorial for a BB8 figure constructed from a paper plate is made all the more adorable by the fact that the plate is held in place with a split pin, so the droid’s body can roll along just like in the movie.

Star Wars crafts 8

Image: Mama Smiles

7. Star Wars storytime

Once the movie is over, kids’ imaginations will still be buzzing. Mike, the “Dada” of the blog Mama Smiles, has shared some really practical tips for sure-fire success with storytelling by weaving your child into all the Star Wars action.

Star Wars crafts 3

Image: Tea Time Jo

8. Star Wars printable masks

These Star Wars-themed paper mask printables are available as affordable downloads from Etsy store Tea Time Jo. They’re a low-cost option for entertaining a number of kids at once, with the added bonus that once the party’s over they won’t be sitting in a landfill for the next few thousand years!

Star Wars crafts 4

Image: Dreaming of a Craft Room

9. DIY R2-D2 pedal bin

This is one of those forehead-slap-inducing, “Why didn’t I think of that?” DIY projects: Dreaming of a Craft Room shows you how to transform a simple white dollar store pedal bin into R2-D2. Brilliant!

Star Wars crafts 6

Image: YOUgNeek via Instructables

10. DIY Star Wars character clock

I can’t decide if the best thing about this clock is that it was made by a four year-old, or that it doesn’t require rendering perfectly good LEGO figures unusable. This step-by-step Instructables tutorial is easy and keeps kids engaged since they can change the figures that mark the hours as they wish.

Star Wars crafts 12

Image: Mom Inspired Life

11. R2-D2 collage

If you want a really simple craft that can accommodate children of different ages and levels of dexterity, this R2-D2 paper cut-out printable from Mom Inspired Life is perfect. The great thing is there are minimal rules, and Danielle has provided sample images of the level of complexity you might expect to see from both younger and older kids.

Star Wars crafts 9

Image: 320 Sycamore

12. Death Star wall art

This craft project from 320 Sycamore is definitely one for adults to prepare for children, but the effect is so stunning—and the total cost so low!—that it is worthy of a place in this roundup. This supersized piece of wall art will transform a child’s bedroom and provide the perfect backdrop for hours of epic space battles.

Star Wars crafts

Image: Yoyo Ferro

13. Origami Yoda

This awesome origami Yoda is a craft for children with a lot of patience and/or focus, and the results will certainly be rewarding. The finished origami pictured is by origami master Yoyo Ferro working from a design by Fumiaki Kawahata. Full how-to instructional videos can be found at Marigami Origami.

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