Thirteen year-old Max Loughan admires Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, yet we wouldn’t be surprised if one day he is famous for being an inventive genius in his own right. Max and his twin brother created Loughan Labs to focus on “bringing new technologies for social change,” and they have already begun compiling an impressive list of experiments. His latest and greatest creation: an energy harvesting device made out of a coffee can, some wire, two coils, and a spoon. “The Generator,” as Max calls it, cost less than fifteen dollars to make and turns radio waves, static energy, and thermal energy into free and clean electric energy by drawing energy from the air through a wire and then converting it from AC to DC inside the can.

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Image via Tahoe Expedition Academy

As impressive as Max’s invention is, what’s more amazing is what could happen if this simple tool is created on a much larger scale. Max is known for spending most of his days in a lab coat in his family’s boiler room-turned-lab and has devoted himself to learning about energy with the ultimate, admirable goal of helping others through his work. This young scientist hopes to “invent a future where people can be happy, where they can be safe and sound,” and he believes that creating and harnessing free energy is a key component to this dream future. In his words, “… from day one on the planet, I knew that I was put on here for a reason.” Max is just beginning to discover how his natural aptitude in the sciences combined with his philanthropic heart can make the world a better place. Keep your eye on this young inventor, perhaps via his YouTube Channel.

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via KTVN and Invention