Stork Craft, a juvenile furniture manufacturing company based in British Columbia, and the CPSC have issued the largest voluntary recall of cribs in North American history. 2.1 million cribs made by Stork Craft, some also bearing the Fisher Price logo, have been recalled after 110 reported incidents of the drop-side breaking off — resulting in 15 entrapments (12 in the US, 3 in Canada, 4 of which caused the suffocation death of four infants). Also included in these incidents were injuries ranging from concussions to bumps and bruises which afflicted 20 infants who fell from the cribs.

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The cribs being recalled include some with manufacturing and distribution dates as far back as January 1993 up to October 2009. The recall involves only the cribs which have a plastic trigger and one hand system drop-side hardware. The cribs’ drop-side plastic hardware can break and the drop-side may also be installed upside down, which could result in broken or disengaged plastic parts — causing the drop-side to detach or create space between the crib and mattress, possibly entrapping infants and toddlers and result in suffocation or falls.

The CPSC urges parents to “immediately stop using the recalled cribs [and] wait for the free repair kit” which may be acquired by contacting Stork Craft. They also advise, parents should “find an alternative, safe sleeping environment for their baby.”

CPSC Chairman, Inez Tenenbaum admitted this week that the agency didn’t move quickly enough to recall these cribs, and they are considering mandatory standards for crib design. “Given the history of troubles with drop-sides, Tenenbaum said there is a compelling reason to ban the cribs altogether. If she had a baby, she said, she would not put the infant in a drop-side crib.”

Last week, ASTM International approved a new standard requiring four immovable sides for full-sized cribs, and just yesterday, Suffolk County, New York declared a new law which bans the sale of any crib with a side that moves up and down.

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