Kids have a knack for snacking all the live-long day — but busy parents need to eat regularly too! If you’re anything like us, if you don’t have something easy and nutritious to grab during refueling times (especially that 3 p.m. energy slump), you will end up noshing on a different convenience food that is likely less than healthy. During the summer we are out and about more than ever, taking day trips to museums or the beach, playing at the park, or spending time in airports where the food is less than appealing — so having snacks that are family-friendly and simple to make before you head out in the morning are essential. We’ve compiled 25 snacks and light meals that will keep you moving and energized. From sweet treats to veggie chips, we have something for every type of craving!

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1. Baked apple chips are a good snack idea year-round, and we love sprinkling them with cinnamon and a dash of ginger.

2. Speaking of chips, give these homemade kale chips a try. Pick from cheesy, Asian-inspired, or try your own flavor favorite.

3. Make a big stash of chia pudding and portion some out into containers as needed for a quick breakfast, snack, or dessert option that is filling, hydrating, and delicious.

4. Salads are another favorite summer meal, and making them much more picnic portable for an on-the-go option just got a lot easier by packing them in a jar as well.

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5. Noodles and veggies in a jar are a genius portable meal that you will be toting for when days get so busy, a sit-down lunch is not going to happen before 3 pm.

6. Peanut buttery oats rolled in coconut and studded with chocolate chips? Don’t even try to resist these tasty treats (which can easily serve as a breakfast break).

7. Got a bag of Brussels sprouts? These crunchy chips will make quick work of a bumper crop of sprouts and are a delicious and fast way to get some fiber and Vitamin C into your snacktime.

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8. Smoothies are the MVP in our snack repertoire. Drink right away for a cooling treat or store in a temperature regulating cup for a refreshing sip when the sun is beating down upon you.

9. Fruit roll ups are NOT just for kids. This homemade option can be customized to include your favorite fruits and veggies.

10. If you think you have nothing in your house to eat but a can of chickpeas and a few ingredients typically reserved for baking, think again! You might have everything you need to make vegan chocolate chip cookie dough bites.

11. We’ve got lots of sushi options for you, including a sushi sandwich that doesn’t even require rolling!

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12. Homemade granola is an addictive snack that can be eaten by the handful. Add in extra fruit, nuts, and chocolate chips for when you need an energy boost while out on the trail.

13. Sneaky and delicious nut-free sesame and cauliflower crackers are a great snack addition for serving alongside hummus or another dip or spread.

14. Speaking of spreads, give a sweet or savory bean dip a try. You might be surprised at how easily you can transform humble black beans.

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15. We’re all for sharing our treats with our kids, and none are likely to refuse these three varieties of flavored vegan popcorn.

16. Avocado and coconut mousse satisfies our craving for cool and creamy and packs a nutritional punch at the same time.

17. If you’re craving a sweet treat, try one (or all) of these no bake vegan desserts: the rice crispy bars and protein balls are especially easy to pack up to enjoy after swim practice or during a backyard BBQ.

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18. Hummus doubles as a filling snack or a tasty meal when served with crudités and crackers.

19. Open your CSA box and choose your favorite fruits and veggies to turn into hydrating and healthful juices.

20. Homemade energy bars: everything you want in a snack, without all the weird ingredients, additives, and processed sugars you typically find in most bar brands. We love that this recipe makes a big batch.

21. A seasonal summer salad made from blueberries, corn, and black beans is so simple you’ll want to keep it in heavy rotation for whenever hunger hits.

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22. You’ll love this vegan cashew cheese sprinkled in pasta salads, scooped up with crackers or veggies, or even spread on sandwiches.

23. Sometimes, you just want pizza (just maybe not the greasy, tummy-troubling type usually on offer). Pita pizzas are super quick and perfect for topping with your favorite veggies.

24. If you love sushi, but want an even lighter filling than rice, give these cauliflower rice sushi rolls a try.

25. A sturdy vegan Greek salad won’t wilt easily and will satisfy you (even if it’s eaten out of a jar while watching a baseball game).