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A new study testing both ready-to-drink milk formulas and milk formula powders has found that many infant formulas are contaminated with high levels of aluminum. Dietary aluminum poses serious health concerns. World-renowned expert on aluminum, Professor Exley, also the lead researcher in this study tells Natural News Blog that, “There is evidence of both immediate and delayed toxicity in infants, and especially preterm infants, exposed to aluminum. When the amount of aluminum consumed exceeds the body’s capacity to excrete it, the excess is then deposited in various tissues, including nerves, brain, bone, liver, heart, spleen and muscle.” According to formula manufacturers they’re not knowingly adding high levels of aluminum to their products, and they think the formulas are being impacted by contamination only. However, at the very least this seems to call for some new quality control standards. 30 infant formulas in all were contaminated with aluminum and researchers note that this problem calls for regulatory and other non-voluntary methods to be in place in order to help reduce the aluminum content of infant formulas, thus protecting infants from chronic exposure to dietary aluminum. Some of the formulas contaminated include Hipp Organic First Infant Milk, Cow & Gate First Infant Milk and Aptamil Toddler Growing Up Milk. To see the full list and learn more, read The aluminium content of infant formulas remains too high.

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