The thirty giant seesaws welcome visitors along the Place Des Festivals promenade, accompanied by a series of video-projections on nearby buildings to complete a luminous experience. As revelers move up and down on the seesaws, the playground structures are activated. LED lights and speakers within the seesaws begin to create sound in sync with the pumping of user’s legs. With thirty seesaws in all, the area turns into a light up orchestra of sounds, controlled by the two festival goers on each seesaw.

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The light up seesaws are paired with architecturally-inspired projection, which also feature soundtracks that do not contrast with the buzz of their own sound. The Luminothérapie project brings Montrealers outdoors in the winter, and engages them with their city in new and playful ways. The festival and installations, which are free to the public, may be enjoyed over the festive holiday season until January 31st.

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