Children love to create their own little landscapes, cities and towns and move their toys about them, fashioning relationships and stories as they travel. Instead of boxing them into the pre-written scripts of video games, IVI 3D Play Carpets enable kids to remain in the real world and interact with sensation, physical toys, and one another.

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IVI 3D carpets were created by a Turkish architect and mother who wanted to design a product that would spark imaginative play. Each carpet is made from 100% polypropylene, is anti-static, stain resistant, hypo-allergenic, and non-flammable. While it would be preferable to see the material in something closer to an organic fiber, the mats have received a certificate of conformation to the European Child Protection Standards ensuring that they are free of any toxic chemicals. Each 3 x 5 mat is available in five different color and layout options with a price of $150.

Soft and able to be rolled up and stored, the carpets can act as either toys for occasional play or more permanent room decoration. From playhouses to traffic centers, kids augment each textured layout with their own toys. Easier to clean up than bulky raceway tracks and multi-story dollhouses, the mats also encourage spatial thinking, map-reading skills and movement. Best of all, friends make the play experience more engaging, and no batteries are required!

+ IVI 3D Play Carpets $150

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