The 4Moms power-folding Origami stroller magically folds and unfolds itself with a twist and press of a button. No more fumbling to get your stroller to collapse, no more juggling your kid and five shopping bags while you attempt to fold it – this stroller makes it so easy! Even better, you don’t have to feel guilty for liking a power feature. The folding mechanism runs on power generated by the stroller as you walk. If you’re worried about the stroller folding when it shouldn’t, you can rest assured that there are safety sensors that detect when a child is seated in the stroller.

The folding feature isn’t the only thing powered by the energy you generate by strolling though. The Origami is also equipped with lights, an LCD dashboard and a cell phone charger. Why charge your phone inside using electricity when you can juice it up on as you go?

The stroller also matches the other features you come to expect from an $800+ stroller – lots of storage, four wheel suspension, a single handle bar, the ability to accomodate a car seat, and it comes in a rainbow of colors from black to hot pink. 4Moms also smartly designed the stroller with an ergonomic seat saying, “People aren’t square so neither is out seat.”

+ Origami $849.99

+ 4Moms