4th of july, fruit cup, fruit yogurt

Fruit Yogurt Cup

This is a great after dinner 4th of July treat that everyone will enjoy. On the bottom layer, add organic blueberries or blackberries. Then add organic vanilla yogurt or natural whip cream. Top with organic raspberries or strawberries. Serve chilled.

4th of july, skewer flag, fruit flag

Fruit Skewer Flag

This fruit skewer flag display is made for 11 people, unless the kiddos come back for seconds. I used bamboo skewers, but would use with caution around younger children. My 5 year old loved helping design the flag pattern! You can either use organic marshmallows or banana’s for the white parts of the flag.

4th of july, stuffed strawberries, 4th of july fruit

Stuffed Strawberries

These stuffed strawberries are great decoration and can even be served alone. All you have to do is hull the strawberries and fill with organic yogurt. I used Boon’s new Pluck fruit stem remover which made it super easy. If you are making for several people, I suggest using an icing bag with the yogurt to fill the strawberries. Then top with an organic blueberry.

4th of July flag berries

Berry Flag

This is a great flag display if you are having a large party, especially since it uses so much fruit. You can also blend any leftovers and make ice pops or smoothies! I used cut up organic strawberries, then a layer of organic marshmallows, organic raspberries, another layer of marshmallows, organic cherries, and organic blueberries.

4th of july, fruit skewers, 4th of july fruit

Fruit Skewers

These fruit skewers are easy to make and your kiddos will enjoy helping. Since there is no pattern, you can make as many as you’d like. We used organic strawberries, organic bananas, organic blueberries, organic cherries, and organic raspberries.