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Bored Bucket

Bored Buckets are a great to keep stashed in a corner, especially for younger children. Sometimes kids can forget what toys they have and don’t know where to look for fun. I our bored bucket, we keep eco educational toys like math blocks, recycled puzzles, lacing pictures, art and craft kits, a lego box with the instructions on how to build several things, and 1 player games. When I hear, “Mom, I’m bored,” I point to the bucket and my daughter chooses an activity to go do by herself. Every few days you can go through and rotate out the toys.

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Bored Bag

Bored bags are fun for storing arts and craft supplies for when your kiddo is bored. You can even add a Eco Art book for inspiration for younger children who might not know what to craft on their own. Find items in your recycling bin to add to the bag like egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, newspaper, or cardboard and see what your kiddo can come up with! If you add scissors, sharp objects, paint, play dough, or other messy art supplies, be sure to keep your bored bag in a place your child can’t reach without assistance!

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Boredom Can

The boredom can is my favorite idea generator. Using some of your child’s old art (get approval first!) cut squares and fold them in half. On the inside, write fun ideas you and your kiddo want to do. Then store in a can. When your kiddo is bored, have them pick one of the cards and do what it says. Some of our ideas are:

  • make giant bubbles
  • make chalk art
  • read under a tree
  • catch fireflies
  • melt & make crayons
  • put together a toy swap party
  • make a pet rock
  • build a fort
  • make something out of a box
  • make a hand painting

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Boredom Jar

The boredom jar is great for kids who love to help out in the kitchen. You can look for recipes that you want to make on Pinterest (check out our Fun Food board!) or other kid friendly recipe sites and write down your top 10 on popsicle sticks. When boredom kicks in, blindly grab a stick and make whatever is listed. Some of our ideas are:

  • apple mushrooms
  • rainbow ice tray
  • grape caterpillars
  • granola
  • apple umbrella with raisin rain drops
  • apple chips
  • banana ice cream
  • fruit leather
  • banana roll up
  • yogurt bites

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A-Z Scavenger Hunt

The A-Z scavenger hunt is fun for all ages, though younger children will need an adult’s help. If your child knows how to use a camera, have them go throughout the house taking pictures of items that start with each letter of the alphabet. Print out a sheet that has the alphabet so they can check them off as they go along. If they can write, you can have them write the object’s name and where they found the item. You can also have them draw the object next to the letter. Once they have found all the letters, you can then take the hunt outside or even to a store!