tea, toddlers, kids, health, drinks

1. Chamomile

Chamomile tea is a perfect introductory tea for little ones, because it’s safe at almost any age. It also makes a really good bedtime treat. This herbal tea, made from chamomile flowers, is delicious with no sweetener added and has a calming effect. It even soothes teething and gas pains.

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tea, toddlers, kids, health, drinks

2. Lemon Ginger

Infusing hot water with grated gingerroot and fresh lemon slices makes a warming tea that is very toddler-friendly. A small amount of honey or other liquid sweetener can be added if your little one isn’t keen on the spicy ginger, but it’s not necessary. This tea makes a great cold remedy and soothes sore throats.

tea, toddlers, kids, health, drinks

3. Peppermint

Brewing large batches of peppermint tea makes it easy to keep a cool, healthy drink on hand for your whole family. Not only is peppermint cool and refreshing, but it also aids in digestion and has a naturally sweet flavor. It’s practically dessert.

+ Peppermint Tea via Farmers Daughter in Law

tea, toddlers, kids, health, drinks

4. Sweet Hibiscus

This sweet floral tea has a bright pink hue that kids find irresistible. Hibiscus tea is naturally free from caffeine and, combined with lemon and apple juice, makes a perfectly balanced summer drink. This one would also be delicious in popsicle form!

+ Sweet Hibiscus Tea via Martha Stewart

tea, toddlers, kids, health, drinks

5. Chai Spiced Blood Orange Granita

For something a little more exotic, try a rooibos tea with chai spices mixed with your favorite sweet citrus juice. In this recipe, low-glycemic agave nectar sweetens the pot, and then the tea is frozen and scraped for a refreshing granita.

+ Blood Orange Granita via One Hungry Mama

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