Spoil your kid’s father and save the planet with the hyper stylish uscanteen, the bling of all bling water bottles. uscanteen is man friendly and fun, made of state-of-the-art 100% recyclable single-walled stainless steel and holds up to 24.7 ounces of water or other liquid. The canteen offers a sleek silhouette that won’t taint the flavor of your water or beverage and there’s no plastic lining which means zero BPA and other harmful chemicals. When paired with the Como canteen carrier, your favorite dad will be ready to rock his water intake on the go. The Como carrier is crafted from woven canvas with and hyper cool metal grommets. The canteen fits snugly inside the carrier leaving the mouth and cap of the canteen exposed, while a waterproof lining keeps things neat and dry. The smooth nylon strap is adjustable and Como comes complete with a zippered pocket in back to stash cash and credit cards and an open pocket in front for a Blackberry or iPhone and a handy D-ring on the side to clip keys on. Note that the Como has a little bit of leather trim so it’s non-vegan, but uscanteen offers other carrier options too. Although a little pricey, this reusable canteen looks cool (great conversation starter) and saves your favorite guy tons of cash he’d otherwise spend on bottled water while helping to protect the planet at the same time. Plus the canteen and carrier are top-notch quality – I gave one to my partner and he’s been taking it everywhere for years, with zero sign of breakdown.

+ Polished Stainless Steel Single-Walled Canteen $30.00

+ Como Carrier $60.00

+ UsCanteen

Bamboo Sk8 Skateboard

You may think skateboarding is just for kids, but you’d be wrong. Everyone (kids and adults) at my house has a board and they’re challenging and fun, the perfect way to help dads stay fit. Plus a skateboard will help your guy to get outside more often. Also, even adults new to skateboarding can learn to skate.  If you’d like to score a good board, I highly suggest not buying a pre-made board, but rather that you visit a local skateboard shop and talk to the employees – not a sporting goods store, but an honest to goodness skate shop. Skate shops can tell you what size of deck you’ll need based on your fella’s height and weight and can also help you choose wheels, bearings, tape, trucks and such that are sized right for your deck. It sounds complicated, but it’s really not and a knowledgeable shop will be able to give you awesome skateboard advice. Once you learn the basics, score an eco-friendly deck at Bamboo Sk8. They offer a dizzying array of awesome decks and longboards made with sustainable bamboo from  managed bamboo forests and use only water-based glues. Bamboo Sk8 also donate used decks to local low-income charities or they recycle the bamboo down to be used in other bamboo projects like furniture and they have plenty of green business practices in place. P.S. if you get dad a board, don’t forget to get a helmet. There aren’t any official eco-friendly skateboard helmets on the market (that I’ve found) but you still need one. Score a decent helmet at Warehouse Skateboards.

+ Bamboo Sk8 Skateboard $30

+ Bamboo Sk8

Unique Recycled Picture Frame

What dad wouldn’t love an adorable picture of the kids in a sustainable frame? Snap a picture, then slide it into the bike chain frame made by Graham Bergh and his team of artisans in Mosier, Oregon. This company makes great household items from tons of recycled bike parts. Or for musical dads, go with the LP record frame, made by designer Jeff Davis from vintage LP (33 rpm) records.

+ Bike Chain Frame $32.00 – $38.00

+ LP Record Frame $22.00

+ Uncommon Goods

Organic Carnivore Spice Kit

If you’ve got a dad that’s hooked on meat then this unique spice collection is sure to please. The set comes with seven meaty spice blends in cool magnetic jars that will be reusable for years for future spices. A unique hexagonal shape fits the spice jars together creating a spice-colored honeycomb flower on your fridge. Strong neodymium magnets keep jars from sliding off while tightly fitting airlock caps are hand-embossed with spice names. These meat seasonings are hand-mixed using all organic herb and spices from Mountain Rose Herbs. Flavors include:

  • BONFIRE salt, an extra bold smoked salt, made from Northwest-harvested sea salt, naturally smoked with pecan, red oak, alder, cherry, hickory, maple and mesquite to create a uniquely hearty smokehouse flavor.
  • CAJUN herbs, a savory and spicy choice.
  • CHINA FIVE spice, a well-balanced spice used throughout China and parts of southeast Asia to season meats, poultry, and panfried foods with exotic flavor.
  • HABARENO chili salt, a spicy fusion salt made with high-heat habaneros to create an intense sea salt with a kick.
  • STEAK seasoning offering bold flavor when broiling or grilling.
  • TACO seasoning with a super hot taste of the Southwest.
  • TANDOORI, a mildly spicy mix with a traditional Indian flavor.

If your dad isn’t a meat eater, no problem. GneissSpice offers tons of other great spice kits, like the Wellness Spice Kit for healthy dads or the Thai Spice Kit for fun.

+ Carnivore Spice Kit $52.00

+ GneissSpice

Sustainable Tool Set

Here’s a more traditional, but still fun Father’s Day gift set from design experts Areaware. Created by Jonas Damon with sustainably harvested new growth beech wood, this tool set includes a LED flashlight, a bubble level, a folding ruler that measures 36 inches/90 centimeters, and a screwdriver with interchangeable flat and Philip head tips. Packaged in a white canvas compartmentalized tool pouch.

+ Sustainable Tool Set $95.00

+ Areaware

Organic Home Brew Starter Kit

Get Dad brewing his very own organic beer with this great starter kit that comes with a glass fermenter that will not absorb flavors, is impervious to air, and is scratch resistant which prevents contamination. In this kit, your guy will get everything he needs to start brewing his own homemade organic beer – fun, learning and tasty beverages all packed into one tidy gift. The kit also comes with one Organic Beer kit so the beer fun can start right away. In case the dad in your life is already a home-brewer, no worries. Seven Bridges carries a wide selection of other, more advanced gifts for organic beer makers, including the world’s best selection of certified organic hops, organic brew kit ingredients and much more. If none of the gifts above seem perfect, check out Inhabitots’ other guide – Green Father’s Day Gifts.

+ Organic Home Brew Starter Kit $129.00

+ Seven Bridges Cooperative

Lead Image by nem_youth via sxc.